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Life Sciences (SAS) Student Support

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Support life sciences undergraduates as they pursue their degrees and research opportunities.

Donations are applied to...

Your gift to the Life Sciences Student Support Fund will provide financial support to undergraduate students in the form of scholarships and stipends.

Life Sciences Student Support Fund

This is a remarkable time to be a biologist. Boundless frontiers in such areas as genetics; cell, developmental, and molecular biology; immunology; neurobiology and cognitive science; stem cell research; bioinformatics; biomaterials; and evolution hold great promise for changing our lives in extraordinary ways. Rutgers is positioned as a key contributor to the shaping of the “Century of Biology.” Rutgers undergraduates pursuing a Division of Life Sciences major will be both beneficiaries of this exciting environment and contributors to it.

Why are donations necessary?

Students studying life sciences/biology at Rutgers–New Brunswick experience an exciting atmosphere of learning, ranging from inspiring lecture presentations to original and cutting-edge research opportunities in state-of-the-art laboratories. Many of our students engage in original research and have the opportunity to share their research at national and international conferences, an important step in establishing a research career. Donor support enables the division of life sciences to provide scholarship support to students, helping them attend scientific conferences, apply to graduate programs, and succeed in their courses.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!