Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute

With its multidisciplinary expertise, the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI) is an international resource that supports basic and clinical research in environmental health sciences and exposure assessment, and provides environmental health education and public policy. Established in 1986, EOHSI's major objectives are to: understand how environmental and occupational chemical exposures impact human health, identify and measure human environmental and occupational exposures to chemicals, treat populations adversely affected by chemical exposures, develop educational tools describing relative risks of chemical exposures, contribute to public policies related to environmental and occupational chemical risks, and offer training programs for environmental health professionals.

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When you support the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, you help tackle critical health issues due to environmental toxins in our air, water, food. We specialize in Disaster recovery, First Responder health, and biochemical and environmental toxins that cause a myriad of health aliments. If you would like to take a tour, learn more about our research and wellness programs, or learn about ways you can help support our work, please contact Brittany Barkow at 336-327-8622.

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Private philanthropic support plays an essential role in enabling EOHSI scientists to sponsor research, education, and service programs in a setting that fosters interaction among experts in environmental health, toxicology, occupational health, exposure assessment, public policy, and health education. Your support can help continue the institute's vital research and expand its efforts to tackle critical health issues, alleviate suffering, and improve human health.

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The research endeavors recognize the increasing urgency of addressing the complexities of environmental health issues as combined with individual differences such as genetic background, gender, stress, developmental period of exposure, and diet. EOHSI's research divisions include environmental health policy, exposure science, clinical research and occupational medicine center, and toxicology. Specialty programs include the World Trade Center Health Program, CounterACT Research Center, Ozone Research Center, International Center for Environmental Research, and the NIEHS Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease. As part of its mission, EOHSI houses three graduate degree programs in toxicology, exposure science, and occupational and environmental medicine.